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Industrial Biotechnology

A Conversation with Marcus Meadows-Smith The agriculture industry will require unprecedented levels of innovation if it is to sustainably feed a rapidly growing world population. Biopes-ticides are among the bevy of solutions being developed to help grow more food on less land. BioConsortia (Davis, CA, USA) develops microbial solutions that enhance plant phenotypes and increase …

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BioConsortia CEO Marcus Meadows-Smith: Trading Retirement for a Part in a Biologicals Revolution

Farm Journal

BioConsortia, Inc., a California-based company that creates microbial solutions for plants, recently announced plans to register a new wheat seed treatment. The company is currently seeking partners with whom to launch the product.

African Farming and Food Processing

In an exclusive interview, Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO, BioConsortia, talks to Fyna Ashwath about the company’s breakthrough developments in microbi- oligical products for plant trait enhancement and yield improvement.


Field tests show 15% yield increases from new biostimulants and nematicides

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