BioConsortia’s has released its latest field trial results for corn and soybean bionematicides, and for nitrogen-fixation products in development. In the 2022 season, the company said its corn and soybean bionematicides demonstrated nematode reductions alongside yield improvements of as much as 20%, exceeding the yield impact of the chemical standard. For its nitrogen-fixation leads, BioConsortia said wheat yields were preserved even when nitrogen fertilizer levels were reduced 50%. “Nitrogen-fixing leads from BioConsortia demonstrated their commercial fit as robust and ease-to-use seed treatments generating a yield increase with either a reduced or full fertilizer regime,” the company reported. “These latest field trial results truly demonstrate the power of BioConsortia R&D platform to deliver a pipeline of new products with superior efficacy and higher consistency to the current market leading products,” said Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO of BioConsortia.

Luke Hutson

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