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Superior Microbials by Design

BioConsortia makes products to protect and nurture crops.  Based on beneficial microbes discovered and improved through BioConsortia’s propriety R&D platform, BioConsortia products reduce the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers, protecting our environment while preserving yield.

  • High-performing products, replacing chemical pesticides and fertilizers
  • Formulated for ease-of-use and long shelf life
  • Compatible with on-farm practices
  • Available in seed treatment, drench, granular and foliar formats
  • Nitrogen Fixation Microbial Products

  • Nematicides

  • Fungicides

  • Post-harvest Decay Control

  • Biostimulants

Nitrogen Fixation Microbial Products

The world needs nitrogen – crops are dependent on nitrogen to power their growth.  It is a reality we cannot escape.  With global population now more than 8 billion and forecast to reach 10 billion by mid-century, we will need to produce 56% more food than we made in 2010.  But it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Overuse of nitrogen fertilizers has resulted in nitrification of air, soil and water, as well as toxic algal blooms.

applied nitrogen lost during crop production globally.
of ag greenhouse gases attributable to fertilizer.
estimated identified dead zones in our oceans.

Tiny microbes in the soil take nitrogen from the air and convert it to plant-ready forms.  Scientists at BioConsortia identify the strongest and best of these microbes and specialize them to optimize crop yield and replace nitrogen fertilizers.  Products made from these microbes are applied as seed treatments, delivering the nitrogen-fixing capability precisely where the plant needs it.  Throughout the plant’s life, the microbes flourish in the root zone, continuing to turn nitrogen in the air into nutrients for the plant – even as synthetic fertilizers have been washed, converted or blown away.

BioConsortia’s scientists are working hard to deliver nitrogen fixation microbial products that can displace 20% of synthetic fertilizers. Today, the first generation of these products is already delivering up to 10% nitrogen displacement in row crops and significantly more in vegetable crop trials, with 2nd generation products expected to advance performance now ready for field testing.


Because nematodes - microscopic worms that parasitize most of the world’s major crops - cause an estimated 12.3% yield loss annually, the need for safe products to stop them is acute.

Discovered using the proprietary, patented Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) process under nematode pressure and validated using the company’s RhizoViz system, BioConsortia’s portfolio of microbial nematicide products is perhaps the widest in the industry.  Designed for seed treatment or soil applications, the products have

year shelf-life
month on-seed life

Corn Yield Gain (bu/acre)

Lead 6


Lead 5


Lead 4


Lead 3


Lead 2



BioConsortia fungicides protect crops from fungal and bacterial diseases and deliver incremental improvement over current standards in terms of efficacy, days control, or spectrum.  The company has a portfolio of commercial-ready foliar and soil fungicides, including Garnet™ Fungicide and Crimson™ Fungicide ready for partners, as well as a deep adevelopment pipeline.

Post-harvest decay control

As much as 40% of the world’s fresh fruit and vegetable production is wasted. For organic fruits and vegetables, nearly 50% is lost to retail shrink.  Solutions are limited and there is a need for non-toxic innovations that align with consumers’ preferences for sustainability. BioConsortia’s biological post-harvest fungicides offer:

High effectiveness

Low dose rate

No chemical residue

Quick access to export markets

Fit for conventional and organic foods


Feeding a hungry world while preserving land for uses other than agriculture means increasing the yields on farmed fields.  And, adapting to climate changes requires tools that help crops overcome abiotic stresses like drought, cold, heat and salinity.  BioConsortia’s biostimulant portfolio of products is based on the root- and plant-associated microbes discovered and optimized for their yield impact.  These biostimulant products leverage microbes’ diverse toolkit of growth enhancing tactics, like:

  • Increasing production of plant growth hormones;
  • Converting soil micronutrients like iron, potassium and phosphorous into forms more available to plants;
  • And signaling plant growth pathways.

BioConsortia’s biostimulant products improve on current products with extended shelf life of up to two years, formulations that are easy to integrate into current grower practices, and applicability as seed treatments and via irrigation.

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