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The Mosaic Company and BioConsortia, Inc. have extended their agreement

The Mosaic Company and BioConsortia, Inc. have extended their agreement (see 2BMonthly December 2020), and agreed to develop and launch nitrogen-fixing microbial products for all crops, including corn, wheat, rice, fruit and vegetables in China, India, Thailand and Vietnam. BioConsortia’s microbes naturally fix atmospheric nitrogen, converting it to ammonia, and make it available to the crops during the growing season. BioConsortia’s nitrogen fixing microbes are also applied as seed treatments and in-furrow for row crops, and as drench and through drip irrigation for fruit and vegetables.


Major investments are bringing more products to the field By Margy Eckelkamp | @FarmersAdviser Is the wind in the sails of biological products? Current trends say yes. Biological sales hit $2 billion in 2012 and jumped to $7 billion in 2021, according to DunhamTrimmer, a market research group focused on global biological markets. In row …


Fertilizer Focus Jul-Aug 2021

The Mosaic Company and BioConsortia have entered into a collaboration to develop and launch nitrogen-fixing microbial products for corn, wheat and other major non-legume row crops. Fertilizer Focus speaks with BioConsortia’s CEO, Marcus Meadows-Smith about the deal and the benefits it will have for the industry.

Fertilizer Focus Mar-Apr 2021

The growth of biological products in agriculture Written byThomas Williams, Director of Microbiology, BioConsortia, USA andHolly Meadows-Smith, Independent specialist in biological and sustainable agriculture technology, USA Agricultural production must double by 2050, at which time the global population will have reached 9 bn. We will still be battling climate volatility and we will still need …

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Chemical Week

Biologicals put down roots in ag markets Interest from ag majors, new gene-editing tools point to bright future STIMULATING GROWTH: BioConsortia and Mosaic are jointly developing nitrogen-fixing microbial products. Rebecca Coons Farmers face the difficult task of feeding more people with fewer tools. Many pesticides aren’t working as well as they used to, fewer new …

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Industrial Biotechnology

A Conversation with Marcus Meadows-Smith The agriculture industry will require unprecedented levels of innovation if it is to sustainably feed a rapidly growing world population. Biopes-ticides are among the bevy of solutions being developed to help grow more food on less land. BioConsortia (Davis, CA, USA) develops microbial solutions that enhance plant phenotypes and increase …

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BioConsortia CEO Marcus Meadows-Smith: Trading Retirement for a Part in a Biologicals Revolution

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