Moving Nature Forward

Unleashing the Power of Microbes

BioConsortia’s revolutionary R&D platform enables new microbe functionality and performance, delivering higher-performing products for agriculture.

Innovative, patented and proprietary tools

Sophisticated tools and integrated workflows create a powerful R&D platform supporting a multiplex of product development pipelines. BioConsortia’s R&D platform integrates powerful tools for microbial characterization and genome design, plant multi-trait screening ,and proprietary software for data interrogation and modelling. With these tools, BioConsortia is delivering multiple leads within each of its Nitrogen Fixation, Biopesticide and Biostimulant programs.

  • Advanced Microbial Selection™ (AMS)

    Discovery starts with the plant, not the microbe.

  • RhizoViz™

    Characterizing plant-microbe affiliation in a range of conditions.

  • GenePro™

    Proprietary gene analysis, prediction and editing platform.

Advanced Microbial Selection™ (AMS)

AMS uses plants as the selection tool to generate libraries of beneficial plant-associated microbes.  Patent-protected and exclusive to BioConsortia, AMS results in product leads that are already shown to bring benefit to plants.

AMS evolves the plant microbiome by applying physical or biological pressure during plant growth, resulting in increased resistance to stresses like nitrogen shortfall, or disease and nematode infection.


RhizoViz™ enables BioConsortia to measure plant-associated microbes for colonization under diverse criteria, like soil pH or temperature, in order to optimize their use in real-world ag situations.  While other companies’ libraries include thousands of bacteria species, only the most robust and proven plant-associated microbes become BioConsortia leads – because those microbes that are closely plant-associated are likely to be better biocontrols.


GenePro™, BioConsortia’s proprietary gene analysis and editing platform, designs a wide variety of microbes faster and more efficiently. GenePro™ analytics enable the identification of genetic infrastructure in order to group microbes by function, combining data from genomics, microbiome analyses, microbial phenotyping, and in planta assays to predict the best microbes and consortia. In the hands of BioConsortia’s experts, GenePro™ proprietary gene editing tools maximize the beneficial potential within the microbe’s genome, unlocking new value.

DNA sequencing visualization
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