Did you ever think that you would like to change the world? Each day, microbe by microbe, our passionate team at BioConsortia is doing just that.

Driven by the notion of doing something tangible to address global problems of food insecurity, malnutrition and dwindling exploitable resources, our dedicated team is discovering new ways to enhance productivity and sustainability in agriculture.

Supported by an R&D culture and infrastructure that embraces rigorous science, creativity, and meaningful collaboration our team is now realizing the delivery of ground breaking products, that are superior in efficacy, consistency and environmental impact.

We are building a strong business and R&D culture that is both fast-moving and innovative,  with the structure and discipline of a major agricultural research company.

If you think this sounds like you, then talk to us. We are seeking the best talent to help drive innovation and success in the exciting area of high production, sustainable agriculture.

Group photo of Bioconsortia employees in the lab
Genomic Scientist

BioConsortia is seeking a Bioinformatic Scientist to join the Synthetic Biology and Genomics team who is skilled in genome mining, gene discovery, gene cluster elucidation, and microbial pathway analysis. As a member of the Research and Development department, you will work collaboratively with microbial geneticists and use your bioinformatic skill set to support a variety …

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Research Associate, Microbiology

BioConsortia is seeking a Research Associate 1 or 2 (level to be determined based on candidate experience/capabilities) with microbiology and molecular biology experience. As a member of the Microbiology team, you will provide technical support for BioConsortia’s bacterial genetics projects. This recently created position will become an essential part of the microbiology team which is …

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