By MARGY ECKELKAMP March 4, 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, Mosaic has a pair of announcements about its expanding biological product marketing and portfolio. 

In February, Mosaic acquired Plant Response. The acquisition is aiming to expand Plant Responses’ products, which include bio stimulants and microbial inoculants, with great geographic reach and agronomic applications. 

The company’s statement said: “Together, Mosaic and Plant Response will develop new soil health solutions that will provide advanced crop nutrition to customers around the globe- and continue to help the world grow the food it needs.”

In 2020, Mosaic and BioConsortia announced a collaboration to develop nitrogen fixing products for the U.S. and Canada to use in corn, soybeans and wheat. The goal is to reduce the overall volume of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer used. That is now been a springboard for greater distribution to include corn, wheat, rice, fruit and vegetables in China, India, Thailand and Vietnam via Mosaic.

Marcus Meadows-Smith, BioConsortia CEO, stated, “Mosaic has demonstrated they are an outstanding partner. They have an exceptional team that understands crop nutrition and have a commitment to develop and fully exploit our nitrogen fixing microbes. We are very excited to expand our collaboration to these key Asian markets. We are certain Mosaic will do a fabulous job.”

BioConsortia says its nitrogen fixing microbes are robust while being easy-to-use and offering a two-year shelf life. The products can be applied as seed treatment, in-furrow and through drip irrigation, depending on the crop.

Mosaic Eyes Expansion With Biological Products | AgWeb

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