Will bring sustainable microbial biocontrol products and nitrogen-fixing technology as alternatives to synthetic fertilizers to advance the country’s agricultural productivity.

DAVIS, CALIFORNIA, September 19, 2023 -- BioConsortia, Inc., a leader in R&D for sustainable agriculture with a mission to unleash the power of microbes to meet the world’s food needs while reducing agriculture’s ecological impact, today announced its strategic expansion into Brazil. With a focus on next-generation microbial products that reduce the need for synthetic nitrogen fertilizer and protect crops from yield-robbing pests like diseases, nematodes and soil insects, BioConsortia is at the forefront of the regenerative agriculture revolution.

Farmers in Brazil have, in the last ten years, rapidly adopted biologicals and today lead the world in their use in broadacre crops like soybeans, corn, sugarcane and cotton. Brazil’s biological product market exceeds $850 million. The market offers a prime opportunity for BioConsortia’s unique seed-delivered microbial products.

Microbial products from BioConsortia are transformative for the agriculture industry, eliminating many of the hurdles that had limited broad-scale adoption of these ecologically favorable solutions in the past. Based on robust, spore-forming microbes, BioConsortia’s product solutions deliver more than 2 years shelf-life in ambient temperatures and more than 18 months life on seed, making them highly attractive to growers, distributors, seed and seed treatment companies alike. The products deliver efficacy on par with chemical nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides, and consistent yield protective performance.

BioConsortia’s expansion to Brazil is already underway. The company recently appointed Cesar Lamonega as Business Development Lead, Latam. Cesar’s expansive network and history in Brazilian agriculture will accelerate BioConsortia’s commercial partnering activity in the territory. The company also added Debora Chaves Coelho Leite to the regulatory team. Debora brings to BioConsortia broad regulatory experience from her previous roles at Vigna Brazil and Monsanto Brazil. BioConsortia has begun registration efforts for multiple seed-applied products including a fungicide targeting early season pathogens like rhizoctonia and pythium, as well as a broad-spectrum nematicide that also shows activity against important soil insects like corn rootworm and wireworm.

BioConsortia previously announced an R&D and Commercial Agreement with Mosaic Company for nitrogen-fixing microbial solutions in row crops in territories including Brazil. Field testing in Brazilian corn production is already underway and aims to demonstrate meaningful yield increases and reduced application of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, thereby producing more grain for every unit of applied nitrogen. 

Brazil's commitment to sustainable, high yielding agriculture represents an ideal environment for BioConsortia to collaborate with local commercial distributors to develop impactful agriculture approaches. “We have accelerated our entrance into Brazil because, even as the country leads the world in use of biologicals, we believe BioConsortia’s products offer improved performance to growers because of their ease-of-use and consistent contribution to yield,” said BioConsortia CEO, Marcus Meadows-Smith. “We are eager to collaborate with local partners to create a lasting positive impact on the environment, and the economy by improving farmer profitability.”

With its expansion into Brazil, BioConsortia is poised to make a significant contribution to global sustainability, marrying the nation's agricultural prowess with BioConsortia’s superior microbial products and embracing collaborative partnerships to build a better future for all.

About BioConsortia
BioConsortia, Inc. develops superior microbial products that protect plants, enhance fertility, and increase yields while improving the sustainability of agriculture for our environment. Pioneering the use of directed selection within microbial communities, our patented Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) process and cutting-edge GenePro genomics and gene-engineering platform enable us to predict, design, and unleash the natural power of microbes.

BioConsortia’s microbial products deliver superior efficacy, higher consistency, and easier grower adoption. Our rich pipeline includes nitrogen fixation microbes to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizers; nutrient use efficiency and biostimulants to increase crop yields; bionematicides and biofungicides to protect crops from pests and diseases; and products for post-harvest pathogen control to safeguard food waste in the distribution chain, retail store and home. BioConsortia is producing breakthrough solutions for growers in major agricultural markets with multiple environmental benefits.

For inquiries and further information, or to schedule one-on-one meetings as BioConsortia looks to expand its commercial partner network through market leaders in Europe, Latin America and globally, please contact info@bioconsortia.com.

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