• BioConsortia is developing highly effective microbial consortia for increasing agricultural yields.
  • We have developed a revolutionary R&D technology linking a powerful plant phenotypic selection process to new DNA-sequencing techniques to rapidly identify microbial teams that confer beneficial traits onto the plant via seed treatment.
  • Microbial consortia are elements of diverse communities of bacteria and fungi found naturally throughout the biosphere.

    Microbes naturally colonize plants, providing beneficial, harmful, or neutral interactions.

    We identify the best Microbial teams that influence the phenotype of the plant. Our process is a powerful alternative to stacking or mixing individually identified microbes, resulting in products with higher efficacy, pre-selected for their ability to colonize a plant together.


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  • BioConsortia has developed a proprietary rapid plant microbe selection process, linking powerful plant phenotype selection with high-throughput microbial selection and DNA sequencing.

    We select the plant phenotype, the plant selects the team. The microbes are then put through our rapid iterative selection process to isolate a consortium of beneficial microbes to be used as a seed treatment.

    We have extensive experience from academia and business and have established modern R&D facilities in New Zealand and the USA.


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  • Pipeline and research projects for:

    Enhanced fertilizer use efficiency and fertilizer substitution
    Nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and sulfur

    Plant growth regulation
    Harvestable yield, root mass, accelerated development

    Superior plant traits
    Abiotic tolerance, biotic resistance, enhanced metabolite expression


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