Nitrogen Fixation

BioConsortia is developing fertilizer substitution and fertilizer use efficiency products that will reduce reliance on applied nitrogen and phosphorus. Leveraging its AMS process and library of robust plant colonizers, BioConsortia’s biofertilizer program has already delivered leads into field trials across multiple crop species in multi-year studies.

Using informed strain selection and gene editing to deliver a new level of performance in biological nitrogen fixation for plant growth.

The use of nitrogen fixing microbes to supplement nitrogen fertilizer is challenging because free-living diazotrophs are hard-wired to turn off their N-fixation genes when sufficient nitrogen is available for microbial growth. BioConsortia’s unique strategy addresses this problem by combining informed strain selection with the latest in gene editing tools.

Select from the best

Utilize BioConsortia’s AMS-derived library of crop-relevant diazotrophic microbes providing a rich source of superior strains and genes with proven capability for a nitrogen fixation and root colonization.

Ensure resilience

Focus on robust spore-forming microbes for in-built compatibility with formulation strategies for seed treatments.

Make the best better

Apply BioConsortia’s in-house gene editing tools to over-ride the down-regulation of nitrogen fixation in the presence of N fertilizer.