Tagging & Colonization Robustness

The best way to know how microbes behave as products and in the soil is by seeing them directly. BioConsortia’s high through-put tagging and root colonization platform does just that.

Breakthrough proprietary platform: The technology for tagging bacteria and fungi with fluorescent proteins for visualization under a fluorescence microscope has existed for decades – but tagging an isolate normally requires specific protocols for each individual isolate.

BioConsortia has made a major breakthrough in the development of broad range, high-throughput transformation methods for tagging a diverse range of microbes. This process enables tagging of large batches of microbes, surpassing traditional methods that require months of development for a single isolate.

BioConsortia now has one of the largest collections of tagged plant-associated microbes in the world.

New insights into product performance: Tagged isolates are used in growth chamber experiments to visualize the nature and robustness of plant root colonization under different growth conditions. Using a state-of-the-art laser scanning confocal microscope, microbial colonization of entire root systems can be visualized. Such insights enable design and delivery of microbial products that perform better, and more consistently than ever before.