Field Trials

BioConsortia works with professional contractors to operate a comprehensive multi-state and multi-season field testing program for lead product evaluation.

The current portfolio field trials include:
• Plant growth promoting (PGP) seed treatments for row crops and in-furrow application for fruit/vegetables across a wide range of row and vegetable crops.
• Biofungicides trials have focused primarily on fruit and vegetable crops and a spectrum of common foliar and soil diseases (powdery mildew, botrytis, fusarium species, apple scab, pear scab, verticillium and rhizoctonia).
• Bionematicides, notably root knot, lesion and soybeans cyst nematodes with promising treatments seen for tomatoes, carrots, cotton, and soybeans.
• Nitrogen Fixation is initially focused on corn, wheat, and other major non-legume row crops.
• Post-Harvest pathogens have successfully been screened and leads moving forward for multiple crops.

Locations: We have focused on testing our products in locations that are the most realistic on where the products will be used.

Corn – The primary locations have been in the corn belt (IA, IL, IN, OH, MN, WI, MI, SD, NE, MO) and when testing water use efficiency treatments we have location in (KS, TX, OK, NE, SD and ND)
Soybeans – We have test locations throughout the Midwest (IA, IL, IN, OH, MN, WI, MI, and SD)
Spring wheat – ND, SD, MT, ID, WA
Winter wheat – IL, KS, NC, OH, OK, SD, TX, and WA
Cotton – TX, MS, GA and NC
Vegetable – CA, FL, MI, IL, PA, WA, GA, OR and ID