Advanced Microbial Selection

Discovery starts with the plant, not the microbe.

Different from the rest – Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) uses the plant to select for beneficial microbes. Iterative rounds of plant screening, selection of superior plants for microbial harvest, and re-inoculation of new plants, co-selects for superior plant phenotypes and their associated microbiomes.

Flexible – suitable for almost any crop, stress and phenotype.

Efficient – screens thousands of microbes at a time, co-selects for plant-association and beneficial traits.

Proven – multiple biopesticide and biostimulant products currently under-going registration; an in-house resource of over 61,000 AMS isolates.

By applying physical or biological pressure during plant growth, the AMS process can be designed to select for microbes that affect a range of plant traits. For example, leads are generated for BioConsortia’s highly successful biopesticide program by screening for plant health in the presence of a disease challenge.

AMS Evolves The Plant Microbiome