BioConsortia is seeking an experienced microbiologist to join its Process Development team in Davis, California. This position will provide microbial physiology and genetics expertise for strain improvement and fermentation optimization of microbial products for agriculture. The successful candidate will work closely with fermentation and formulation scientists and other R&D functions of the Company.

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

  • Design and implementation of experiments/assays with an understanding of microbial physiology, secondary metabolism and biosynthetic pathways to inform fermentation media design, process optimization and strain improvement
  • Develop and carry out assays designed to explain observations seen in challenging fermentation of microbial strains
  • Planning and conducting fermentation research and experiments to improve the yield of desirable biomass and bioactivities of various beneficial bacteria and fungi
  • Collaborating with other scientists, engineers, and technicians in lead discovery, product development and formulation.
  • Contributing expertise and insight on fermentation technology to global research and development operations and strategic planning exercises
  • Preparation and delivery of reports, and technical presentations for both in-house and external parties.

The successful candidate will possess the following skills:

  • PhD in Microbiology, Genetics and  Biochemistry or Biological Engineering  Or MSc with minimum 4 years of related experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to leverage thorough understanding of microbial physiology, metabolism, and genetics to inform fermentation process development.
  • Experience with diazotrophic bacteria is preferred.
  • Experience with chromatography and chemical analysis techniques also a plus.
  • Strong communication and organization skills.
  • High level of competence in the supervision of technical staff and implementation of safety requirements and skills.
  • Ability to function in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision.
  • Must be permanently authorized to work in the USA.

Contact: If you have interest or want more information please contact, in complete confidence:

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