BioConsortia, Inc., a leader in R&D for sustainable agriculture, whose mission is to unleash the power of microbes to meet the world’s food needs while reducing agriculture’s ecological impact, today announced company leaders will highlight their team’s innovative nitrogen-fixing microbial products. SVP Business Development Sarah Reiter will participate in New Ag International’s Annual Conference on Cutting Edge Innovation in Fertilizers and Plant Nutrition in Barcelona on April 18 and 19. BioConsortia’s CEO, Marcus Meadows-Smith, will participate in the BioAg World Congress in Rio de Janeiro May 2 through 5.

In Barcelona, Ms. Reiter will present “Nitrogen-fixing Microbials – a beneficial breakthrough for growers and the planet” on Wednesday, April 19 at 1:50PM. She will also participate in one-on-one meetings with media, collaborators and potential commercial partners, where she will share an overview of BioConsortia’s pipeline of transformative products that will leapfrog current market leading tools for nitrogen fertilizer, biopesticide, and post-harvest markets, as well as an update on the company’s expansion plans in Europe.

At the BioAg World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, BioConsortia’s CEO, Marcus Meadows-Smith will present a session focused on “Nitrogen Fixing microbes – groundbreaking innovation using robust spore-forming natural and gene edited microbes” on the morning of Wednesday, May 3. During the event in May, BioConsortia will also schedule one-on-one meetings as the company looks to expand its distribution network through market leaders into Brazil and the rest of LATAM.


BioConsortia, Inc. develops superior microbial products that protect plants, enhance fertility, and increase yields while improving the sustainability of agriculture for our environment. Pioneering the use of directed selection within microbial communities, BioConsortia’s patented Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) process and cutting-edge GenePro genomics and gene-engineering platform enable the company to predict, design, and unleash the natural power of microbes.

BioConsortia’s microbial products deliver superior efficacy, higher consistency, and easier grower adoption. The company’s rich pipeline includes nitrogen fixation microbes to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizers; nutrient use efficiency and biostimulants to increase crop yields; bionematicides & biofungicides to protect crops from pests and diseases; and products for post-harvest pathogen control to safeguard food waste in the distribution chain, retail store and home. BioConsortia is producing breakthrough solutions for growers in major agricultural markets with multiple environmental benefits.

For inquiries and further information, or to schedule one-on-one meetings as BioConsortia looks to expand its commercial partner network through market leaders in Europe, Latin America and globally, please contact

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