About Us

BioConsortia is an innovative Agricultural R&D  company devoted to delivering ground-breaking microbial products for enhanced crop productivity. BioConsortia’s revolutionary Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) process is at the forefront of its R&D platform, and a powerful tool kit including tagging, multi-trait screening, genomics and gene editing enables the development of superior products with high consistency.

Founded on the principles of plant breeding and high through-put screening, AMS accelerates product development through an iterative process of subjecting plants to a diversity of microbes and then selecting the healthiest plants and recovering their acquired cohort of co-selected plant-associated microbes. This AMS process results in differentiated libraries of plant-beneficial microbes from which powerful new products are derived.

BioConsortia’s expanding suite of proprietary workflows embrace the latest technologies in microbiology, molecular biology, microbial strain engineering, data modelling, plant physiology and product formulation.

Led by a highly experienced team of over 40 agronomists and agricultural scientists, over a dozen of whom are at the PhD  level,  BioConsortia is leading the way in delivery of a new generation of microbial solutions with superior performance in biocontrol, biostimulation, stress tolerance and fertilizer enhancement.

Microbials: The future of sustainable agriculture

Confronted with the global issues of population growth, food insecurity, climate volatility, and reducing opportunities for agricultural expansion, biologicals represent one of the most tangible opportunities to enhance crop productivity and sustainability.

The challenge is to develop products that are safe, reliable and superior to existing products.

BioConsortia’s AMS process, coupled with its high-through-put screening, gene editing and imaging technology addresses these needs by offering the flexibility required to tackle any target while shortening the conventional product development cycle.. Designed to deliver multiple leads in parallel, the platform has already generated more than ten bio-fungicide leads with superior performance to a leading commercial product that has stood un-challenged for many years.

Current R&D programs include products in advanced development for enhanced nitrogen fertilization, biocontrol, biostimulation and drought stress.

What makes our approach uniquely effective?

Most other microbial discovery companies start their process by isolating and screening microbes, but that is not how it’s done at BioConsortia. By turning the microbial discovery process on its head and using the plant to select the microbes, BioConsortia’s AMS process is faster and selects for a differentiated community of microbes that are more plant-relevant than conventional R&D approaches.

Making good even better. And for those applications where nature doesn’t deliver the perfect microbe, the company’s sophisticated gene-editing toolbox enables strain improvement through directed scar-less modifications.

Macro Drivers for Ag

The farmer of today’s world is faced with the challenge of producing more while impacting less upon the environment. Key imperatives are reduced reliance on synthetic chemical inputs such as mineral fertilizer applications and synthetic pesticides, and increased production in the face of climate volatility.

Recognizing these needs, BioConsortia operates a multi-product development pipeline, made possible by the inherent flexibility and efficiency of the AMS process.

That flexibility also underpins BioConsortia’s partnership with key stakeholders in the seed and fertilizer industry that are seeking to develop tailored solutions for tomorrow’s agriculture.