Product Concept Development

Microbial consortia for improving plant traits and increasing crop yields.

Our Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) process links powerful plant phenotypic selection to high-throughput microbial screening and DNA sequencing. Microbes are selected as a team from superior plants and are developed into treatments consisting of the handful of microbes that are responsible for the enhanced phenotype. Due to the applied selective pressures and iterative design of the AMS process, the microbes in our treatments can tolerate chemical treatments already on the seed, are good plant colonizers and express compatibility with each other. This is a superior alternative to stacking or mixing a collection of individually identified microbes as is done conventionally.

We will supply products for increasing fertilizer use efficiency, growth improvement and enhancing other traits, such as abiotic and biotic tolerance, and metabolite expression. Our innovative approach allows for the development of products equally applicable to conventional and transgenic plants.

We are able to tailor the AMS process to develop microbial consortia products for many plant species and many of the broad spectrum of traits that are now known to be influenced by the plant and soil microbiome.

Please contact us to discuss your interest in collaboration and learn more about the opportunities that microbial consortia can bring to your business or research.