Our Tools

 BioConsortia is linking a powerful plant phenotypic selection process with high-throughput microbial screening and DNA sequencing technology to discover beneficial microbial teams.

We use the latest molecular tools and strategies, including microbiome and plant gene expression analyses to monitor plant-microbe interactions and inform our selection and isolation processes.

We are highly skilled in the art and science of microbial isolation and bio-characterization with high-throughput functional assays, and are constantly managing for improvement of our culture techniques. We use Quantitative Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qRT-PCR) and Microscopy for tracking and quantitative analysis.

This allows us to optimize microbial consortia for both the plant and the growing environment, ensuring greater product stability and performance. We use these tools to inform our microbial isolation procedures, allowing us to access the potential of novel strains and species of microbes.