New Zealand Facility


BioDiscovery’s fully equipped laboratories are located within Callaghan Innovation Building in Parnell, Auckland. The research facilities include climate-controlled plant growth rooms, PC2-rated microbiology and molecular biology laboratories and associated general lab areas for handling of plant material and other samples. From the company’s early days of contract research, BioDiscovery has a microbial culture collection of more than 50,000 isolates, many of which have been screened for bioactivity.

The lab was expanded at the end of 2014 to accommodate a formulation research facility, which is equipped for small scale fermentation, formulation preparation, seed treatment, and associated analytical techniques such as liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy.  

BioDiscovery has access to a 750 m2 glasshouse facility located off-site and field assessments are conducted through off-site contractors.

R&D strengths and current operations include: application of the Accelerated Microbial Selection (AMS) platform to generate microbial leads, high-throughput assays of plant growth performance, optimized techniques for microbial isolation and characterization, molecular microbial ecology, genetics and informatics, and formulation development.