Management Team



  • Marcus Meadows-Smith, Chief Executive Officer +

    An accomplished executive with many years of industry experience and success. Read More
  • Christina Huben, Senior Vice President Operations & Administration +

    An attorney by training, with many successful years of corporate business and legal experience. Read More
  • Susan Turner PhD, Senior Vice President Research +

    An accomplished microbiologist and academic, responsible for bringing the AMS technology to the US and heading the US R&D efforts. Read More
  • Hong Zhu PhD, Senior Vice President Lead Development & Manufacturing +

    A recognized biotech expert in fermentation, formulation, and industrialization of microbial solutions. Read More
  • Joe Schmidt, Senior Vice President Business Development & Strategy +

    An experienced business professional with a diverse background in agricultural multinationals and emerging technology companies. Read More
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R&D Management

  • Graham Hymus PhD, Sr. Scientist - Plant Physiology +

    Former Principal Scientist at Mendel Biotechnology, Inc. with extensive research experience in plant ecophysiology.
  • Kelly Roberts PhD, Scientist - Microbiology +

    An experienced applied microbiologist. Originally from the BioDiscovery R&D Team in New Zealand, joined BioConsortia to bring her expertise with the AMS process to the US labs.
  • Thomas Williams PhD, Scientist I - Microbiology and Collections +

    Former postdoctoral researcher at the Western Center for Food Safety UC Davis studying microbial communities in agricultural settings, holding a PhD from UC Davis.
  • Debora Wilk PhD, Scientist II - Plant Molecular Biology +

    Former group leader at Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. Experience in the discovery and development of biologicals for the field of agriculture, and extensive experience in the fields of plant and fungal molecular biology.
  • Caroline George PhD, Sr. Scientist +

    Scientist at BioDiscovery since 2011, with previous research experience at MIT and University of Auckland studying microbial community function in natural and engineered environments.
  • Damian Wright PhD, Sr. Scientist - Microbiology +

    Scientist at BioDiscovery since 2001. A highly experienced microbial biochemist with extensive expertise in flow cytometry and high-throughput screening of microbial products for the agri-bio sector.
  • Jorge Santiago Ortiz PhD, Scientist I - Fermentation +

    Former PhD candidate working in the David Schaffer Laboratory at UC Berkeley where he received his doctorate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with a Minor in Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Tina Wang, Laboratory Manager +

    Involved with the building of the laboratories in Davis and maintaining and managing lab operations. Previous research experience in both industry and academia focused in molecular biology.  
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