BioConsortia discovers and develops beneficial microbial consortia for improving plant traits and increasing crop yields. We are an R&D focused company seeking collaboration with partners to accelerate the development, sales and marketing of our seed treatment, drench, and granule products. 

Our key current key crops are corn, wheat, soybean, turf, tomato and leafy vegetables. The traits we are focusing our funding on are general growth improvement, nitrogen use efficiency and abiotic stress tolerance (drought, cold/wet). Collaboration possibilities range from field testing of our current leads to a full AMS process, as well as any intermediate projects.

The AMS process has the potential to identify beneficial microbial consortia for a multitude of crops. Other crops of interest for collaboration include sorghum, cotton, sugarcane and brassica crops.

BioDiscovery is involved in a joint venture with fertilizer company Ballance for a project to identify and formulate a microbial turf product.